Hi I'm Denia.

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Hi, and Welcome to the Group! If we have not met yet, I’m your host, Denia!

So that you can know a little more about me…

My days are split between being a mom to 2 boys, ages 6 and 13. I am also a dog- mom and wife. I work as a Family Nurse Practitioner and also a Personal Coach to my online clients.

What you may not know about me…

I love all things, personal development, mindset, health, and wellness related.

Most days, I am in my yoga pants.
I love to read in my spare time.
I love coaching and plan to continue to have my own coaches until I am old and gray!
I am obsessed with technology and creating content.
I have two blogs that I write @ BettermeNP.com & DeniaRoyster.com
I will forever be a student because I love learning and teaching people what I know.
I am overly optimistic.
I love to laugh, be silly, and make jokes. Mostly with my family so as not to offend others.
Of course, I love to motivate others and help them to become the best versions of themselves.

Why am I an online coach if I have a great job as a Family Nurse Practitioner?

Because the transformation that can occur from working one-on-one with someone is far greater than anything that can occur in a short period of time in my office.

I too, struggled with food addiction and weight gain. I was able to transform my own life by improving my thoughts and mindset while adopting new healthier habits. I have gotten rid of food addictions that I have had for many years. Shocked me too! lol.

I have also received certification as Health Coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I am currently working on other pieces of training in mindset and success coaching, which I can inform you all about at a later date.

Plus, I love being online and connecting with each of you personally. As people join the group, I usually send a private message to find out more about you and how I may be of service.

I am excited about creating this community here and supporting each of you. Feel free to submit your own post and share content that you find relevant.

Please do not spam the group with promotional offers, or you will be removed. All I ask is that you be kind to each other and respect differences in opinion.

My goal is to provide inspiration, practical tools, and relevant information you can use to shift your mindset around health, weight loss, and habits. I will share posts, blog content, and videos in the group.

And when and if you become ready for someone to work with you personally on transforming your life and reaching your goals in health, wellness, and weight loss. I can discuss with you my one-on-one coaching package.

I believe that each individual needs a customized approach to overcome their struggles and transform their health by taking into consideration your health history, age, weight, eating styles and habits, lifestyle, career, relationships, and how you cope with stress.

As a Nurse Practitioner and Certified Health Coach, I can give you a different perspective on where and how we need to create an effective plan to get you the results that you want.

You may send a private message to me anytime in messenger, or you can also use the link below to book a call, and we can discuss your plans from there. I look forward to engaging with you in the group.

xoxo Denia