Avoid the Winter Weight Gain with These 3 Tips.

Avoid the winter Weight Gain

Who’s ready for family gatherings, Patti’s sweet potato pie, Bonfires, hot cocoa, and fuzzy socks near the fireplace. 

Recipes for banana nut bread and gingerbread men. Let’s not forget chocolate peppermint bark, Netflixing, and chilling, lying around the house snacking in our flannel P.j.’s. 

Ok, let me stop you right there. Get up and walk away from the daydream. 

It all sounds pretty relaxing, but this article is about avoiding the winter weight gain, not getting Fat for Christmas! 

If you are already overweight, you may be more prone to gaining even more weight during the winter months. 

So we will start this article with the top three tips to avoid the winter weight gain :

Avoid overindulging on comfort foods. 

Cooler temps mean we love feeling all warm and fuzzy. Inside and out. We usually ditch the summer salads and crave more filling foods like mac and cheese, stews, and foods that require gravy. 

Practice mindful eating during this time of year. 

  • Smaller portion sizes
  • Eat slower and savor smaller bites. 
  • Become aware of fullness cues and signals from your body. 
  • Avoid eating and multitasking.
  • Eat only when you are hungry.
  • Eat before you get too hungry.
  • Eat more of the whole foods that are plant based and unprocessed. 

Mindful eating or eating intuitively helps you better control how much you eat. 

As the saying goes: Our eyes are sometimes bigger than our stomaches. 

Avoid overeating holiday treats.

I don’t want to get you in any trouble and say don’t eat Aunt Patti’s sweet potato pie. Definitely, don’t do that!

 Just have a single slice, and then don’t let her convince you to take another whole pie home with you. 

Or how about the pumpkin spice craze as we rush to Starbucks for our favorite sugar-filled lattes every morning.  

We have goals of weight loss and not weight gains. So I want you to remember that when deciding what and how much you eat during the holidays. 

This will keep you on track for losing weight and not getting behind on your weight loss goals. 

There is no getting around the surplus of holiday treats from your favorite family members, but you can choose not to overdo it!

Sugar spikes from eating sweet treats is a vicious cycle to get into, as your blood sugar levels decrease, your body will crave more and more of the sweet stuff. 

Moderation is key!

Avoid lying on the couch and avoiding your workout routine altogether. 

I get it; it’s cold outside. It’s hard to walk in the snow, and unsafe to run on ice. You also have only a few days off from work, and you don’t want to spend it fighting over the last two working ellipticals in the gym. 

Those are all excuses, because where there is a will – there is a way! 

Spending at least 30 mins a day most days of the week working out at home will get you much closer to your weight loss goals than snacking on the couch under a fleece blanket. 

There are so many videos and apps available these days that will walk you through a workout routine from the comfort of your own home. 

If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse!

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Support and accountability can be the missing link to staying motivated and avoiding the winter weight gain. 

Top 3 Tips to Avoid Winter Weight Gain

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