Best Food Plan for Weight-loss.





Best Food Plan for Weight Loss 




I’m going to say if anyone knows me, they know that the diet plan that I love the most is a Keto Diet first and a No Sugar Detox diet second.  


I have always been able to lose weight if I followed one of the two diet plans mentioned along with increasing my physical activity of course. Although, weight loss includes about 80% diet and 20% exercise.




Coffee First


The no sugar diet is pretty simple! (Lol) I gave up my candy habit first and then decreased may intake of sugary beverages. To be more specific I now drink black iced coffee in the morning versus my many years of adding loads of French Vanilla Coffemate to my cup each morning. I never thought I would enjoy black coffee but it has definitely been my new thing for months now.


No Diet Soda


I can’t begin to explain to you my addiction to diet sodas. Everyday, all day around the clock about sums it up. In my defense its addictive!


I drank that sh** with everything. 



Any now I have finally kicked that habit. Not to mention it is horrible for your body. It increases your chances of developing type 2 diabetes and it confuses your body and causes you crave more “real” sugar! Bad stuff. Anyhow, I now drink flavored sparkling water or Kombuchas if I need the bubbly fizz.


I must stay those were some of my worst addictions candy and liquid sugar. I was once told most people drink their calories! This was me. Starting there helped me a great deal.




The Keto Diet 


The Keto diet can get complicated at times especially when you have to factor in Macros and such. One of the great parts about it is that it helps your body burn fat versus sugar for energy which results in weight loss.


I came across the 28 Day Keto Challenge and found the resources useful. So far getting on and off track I have lost about 22 lbs over these past few months. Just writing this gets me motivated to reach my goal! There have been some who have lost 11- 21 lbs in a month, although I am sure they were consistent so that they could achieve those results.


Have a Plan


Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail.


The 28 Day Keto Challenge gives you the resources that you need to implement the diet the correct way. (I must first say, consult your physician before starting any new or restrictive diet plan. Especially, if you have a history of chronic disease so that you are closely monitored for any abnormal changes.) There is a 28-day diet plan, multiple guides and bonuses included to help reach your goals.


Do you have a plan that you follow to maintain or lose weight? Comment below and let me know if you have had successful results too!


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