How to Jump Start Your Weight Loss Goals

How to Jump Start Your Weight Loss Goals

Write Your Why 

I know for me I have to know why I am doing something and how this fits into the big picture.

 Step 1 in Jump Starting your weight loss goals! 

Otherwise, I assume why waste my time and effort. 

Write your why.

Start by writing down what motivates you most to lose weight. 

Why is this goal important to you?

 Why do you deserve this goal? 

How will you feel and how will your life change once you have achieved your goal? 

This is your “why”. Your fuel to your fire! The green light when you fell like stoping. Your Inner Intuition. 

 Remembering why you started will keep you on your path when hard times arrive and obstacles get in the way.

Fear and doubt will also set in, but remembering why you stated you deserve this, will help you push through. 



Take Action. 


Break each goal  down into smaller goals or steps. 

Tell me____________What can you be doing on a daily bases that will propel you towards your bigger goal?

Number one lose 5 pounds, then 15 lbs then 30 lbs.

These tiny wins will build your confidence as you push towards your final goal.  You must write down the steps you’ll take to achieve each goal. 

For example, with my 5 pound goal I will write… what action steps can I start today that will help me reach my goal? 

I will stop drinking sugar filled drinks and add more water and zero calories drinks into my diet. I will prepare to accomplish this everyday. 

Then to lose 15 pound I will start with at least 30 minutes of physical activity at a minimal of 4-5 days a week. 

You get the point and once you have checked off these task and have made it apart of your everyday routine and you will see progress and feel better in the process. 



Control your thoughts. 



If you don’t think you can do something, then neither will anyone else.

Hard Truth. You sir/mam…must believe it is attainable! 

This is where the successful competition of the small goals have increased your belief, and helped you in reaching the final destination.

Everyone knows that it is possible to lose 5 lbs, not everyone may believe 60-80lbs is obtainable for them. When you  can cross those small things off the list, multiple things start to happen…


You will see progress and You build the Confidence to keep going. 


Your clothes fit better you feel less tired and mentally drained. The increase in your confidence and beliefs that you can and will accomplish hard things! 


You will improve on your action taking.


You become a doer. Not someone who just talks about change but actually does something about it for once.  Massive action taking builds momentum. It keeps you moving forward. Or at least failing forward if need be. You take one step then you just take another step. Failing is not an option.  


The only way to fail is to give up! Click To Tweet. 


Your thoughts control your beliefs which control your actions. You must see the correlation between this to truly understand. Thinking positive thoughts will cause you to believe in yourself. On the other hand, negative thinking will leave you stuck, depressed and FAT!!!!

Believing in yourself will lead to action which will overtime lead to your success. 


Take action and Be Encouraged!

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