Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Beginning Your Weight Loss Journey

Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Beginning Your Weight Loss Journey

You are preparing for the big day, and you are finally ready to start creating healthier habits and finally lose weight for good! You are pumped and ready to go! 

Hold on there Speedy Gonzales! 

 If you are making any of these 3 most common mistakes, then you can completely ruin your chances of reaching your weight loss goals. 

Mistake #1 

The Last Supper Theory

Thoughts: I am starting a new diet on Monday at 8 am, so I will load up on all my favorite foods before I start. Maybe book a reservation at my favorite buffet and have my last big supper.  

In reality, there is no last meal. You and I both know this will not be the last time you eat your favorite food or dessert. 

This is just an excuse to overindulge.

 Which I don’t think you should completely give up your favorite food. Moderation is essential, and I suggest “crowding out” your poor food choices for better ones as you adopt new healthier habits into your lifestyle. 

Some people find it hard to immediately change their habits and start a new strict diet plan without feeling as if they are depriving themselves. 

Thinking you will never have a food you love again will have you craving it even more. 

Maybe there is a healthier version of your favorite food. For instance, if you are at all like me, and you love chocolate. Instead of keeping a family size bag of M&M’s in the fridge, try getting a real cocoa bar of 76% cocoa or less. Then only have a small portion of it whenever you get the craving for chocolate. 

Less sugar and a smaller portion. 

That way, you don’t feel as though the food is entirely off-limits, resulting in increased cravings and binging on the whole bag of chocolate at a later date. 

Mistake #2 

All or Nothing Thinking 

It’s now Monday at 8 am, and it happens to be the 1st of January. 

New Year, New You! 

You’re ready. 

Today’s the big day! 

You are on a diet. 

You woke up early; you did an hour and a half of cardio. You’ve packed your lunch. Purchased a cute new water bottle. You’re ready to go. You’re feeling great! 

Three days into feeling like you are starving yourself on your new diet, you are over it! You order Chinese food. Fill your new water bottle with soda, and you slept in this morning and missed your workout. You feel like you failed. 

Mistakes are not failures; they are only lessons learned. 

You only fail when you quit! 

It’s okay it happens to the best of us. The person described above may or may not be the person writing this article. 

She thinks back to how she felt at the beginning of this journey. How great she felt to exercise again and drink more water. She thinks back to how she didn’t even feel sluggish after lunch since she packed a light meal. 

Please lose the all or nothing thinking. 

Give yourself grace and leave room for improvements. 

I suggest making minor adjustments to your diet and exercise regimen so that these changes are more comfortable to adapt to over the long term. 

Mistake #3

 Poor Planning. 

I mention planning a lot in my tips for weight loss because it is so important. 

What we don’t plan, doesn’t get done.   

Whether that is making time for working out or meal prepping out meals. 

If we have a plan for how we are going to reach a particular goal, we are much more likely to achieve it. Don’t leave your results up to chance to take planned action steps to get there. 

Start with something changes you know you can incorporate into your current routine, whether that is walking 30 mins a day 3-4 days a week. 

Meal prep your lunches, stop eating fast food, have healthy snacks in the home, start drinking more water, and eating more vegetables. Decide where you can cut the sugar and unnecessary carbs in your diet.  

These gradual changes made over time will help you to stick to your new habits long term and ultimately allow you to lose weight and finally keep it off. 

If you have found these tips helpful and would love more inspiration and tips on weight loss and creating lasting habit changes, then please click the link below to be added into my Private Facebook Group for daily support and accountability. 

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